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This blog is set up as part of my OCA degree.  It is to follow my progress over time. I have divided my blog into several categories in order to facilitate its assessment.  Under research, I have placed sub categories of Books for books which I have read during this course, Inspiring Photographers which I have studied in order to help me with my current assignment or because I liked their work and it caught my attention.  There is a general research category and digital imaging which is to help me with my post process work.  If you click working towards Assignment 1 for example it will include a mixture of research, books, inspiring photographers which influenced my while studying this particular assignment.  In the subcategory exercises for assignment one there will be just the build up exercises for this part of the course.   Assignments submitted is divided from 1 to 5 .  After each assignment I will include afterthoughts further research and improvements.

Starting from zero,  I have logged any image I saw that I liked or photographer that I researched.  It is not always evident in my work. I  aim in the future to zone in more on a style that suits me and to study with more in depth detail specific photographers and styles.  For now I wanted a background on some great photographers.  Over the course of studying Art of Photography I have had to learn basic photoshop, how to create  a blog, calibrating, printing and presentation.  It has taken time and now after completing assignment 5. I have gone back to see where I can make improvements.  I revisited assignment 2 and 4 which were particularly weak.  It has been a great learning experience and I feel I have improved my way of looking at what I photograph.  I have gained better insight into constructing my own images while also deconstructing and understanding the photos of others.

Doing this course has also given me the courage to go out and look for stories and subjects worth photographing or recording.  To research, gain access and permission where I otherwise would have thought that is for the professional. My aim is to become a professional and during this course to learn what makes a professional photographer.

When trying to judge my own level while studying for this degree.  I have looked at other student work and it has been helpful to know what standard to aspire to.  So for my fellow students I really struggled with this part of the Degree and unfortunately had to change tutors half way through as my Tutor retired.  I owe my pass rate of 54% to my second Tutor who really helped me pull it together improving my Photography standards and my blog and study methods into a more comprehensive study.  I have made great improvements since.  However when looking at this body of work I believe it was assignment 5 that allowed me to pass I reshot assignment 2 and 4 completely after my tutor evaluation as the first assignments were of poor quality.  I hope this blog can also help others to achieve  their Goals and remember on the bad days there is great satisfaction in finally getting there. Stick with it.


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